largest competitor isn’t, it’s Google current CMS Escenic comments on this:

”The reason so many people ‘google’ for things is not because it’s such a fabulous service. Mostly it’s habit and laziness. It may not be the best results but it gets you through the day. Google gets the attention of information seekers and passes it on according to relevance to the keyword you tap into the little window.

The reasons why 7.7 million Swedes visit every month instead of just googling for what they want is that they want ‘news’. Googling for ‘news’ gets you nowhere. Basically, 7.7 million Swedes check out every month because it is a great way to learn what’s going on without looking for anything in particular. Just like with Google, at some point the visitor will want to leave. Aftonbladet will have to pass the attention of the visitor on.”

Smart guys.


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