iPhone och mobil användbarhet / usability

Svenska inUse har med en jailbreakad iPhone användbarhetstestat enheten mot andra telefoner som HTC TyTN, Sony Ericsson W910i (varför inte den mer snarlika W950i?) och Nokia N95.

Rapporten hyllar iPhone som mobiltelefon. Telefonen infriar alla förväntingar, även sett till användbarheten. Några citat från deras fem fokusgruppdeltagare lyder:

”Apple is right on target! They make entertainment. These are just the same crap as usual [about the other phones].”

”Apple has removed one level of abstraction – the difference is striking!”

inUse sammanfattar Apple iPhones framgång med:

. Transparency. What you see when you start the iPhone is pretty much what you get. There are no hidden applications. It’s a matter of seconds until the user has understood the whole range of services and features.

. Accessibility. There is no deep menu system, one touch is often enough to get to where the user wants. There is no digging down in lists or shifting focus across different icons.

. Seduction. Simply browsing the user interface is quite enjoyable. The bright, high resolution screen, the smooth animations, all the subtle but informative sounds and the attention put into the graphic details all contribute to the positive impression of the device.

Rapporten finns här.


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